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moving into buehler home

Does the thought of moving make you cringe?

Sometimes your biggest worry turns out to be worrying itself. And the Buehler Home BEST MOVE! program is here with solutions! At Buehler Home, we’ve helped coordinate hundreds of moves and are familiar with the large and small details that go into making a move successful, stress-free and simple.

Together with our strategic alliance partners and directory of trusted resources, we can find solutions for any challenges you may encounter and customize them specifically to meet your needs. Whether you are concerned about selling your home, wondering what to do with all your “stuff”, need help getting your house ready to go on the market or need to make a move before your house sells, Buehler Home’s BEST MOVE! program, is here for you.


Selling Your Home

Most people moving to Buehler Home have not made a real estate transaction in many years. You need the right person to guide you each step of the way. Regardless of whether you choose to work with one of our realtors or another listing agent, it is always wise to seek several opinions as you get started. Our recommended realtors will come to your home at no cost or obligation to review and discuss you upcoming home sale. We know preparing your home to sell can be an overwhelming and exhausting process.

Buehler Home’s BEST MOVE! program is here with solutions for this and so much more!


Project Management

In addition, our realtors offer an optional, simple solution to take all the worries and hassles of preparing your home to go on the market with their Project Management program.

Our strategic alliance partners will organize and oversee all the items that need to be addressed such as a good cleaning service, removal of wallpaper, new carpet, handyman services, home staging, etc. YOU don’t have to do anything. All of this can now be accomplished without exhausting yourself, feeling stressed or taking unnecessary physical risks!


Home Sale Program

Making a move to Buehler Home is now ever easier!

If the stress of fixing up your home to put on the market feels too much or if you are overwhelmed by the thought of selling your home in today’s real estate market, then let’s explore how you may be able to take advantage of our Home Sale Program. Our goal is to help bridge the financial transaction between the selling of your house, paying your Entrance Fee and making your move to Buehler Home.

To learn more about our Home Sale Program, call Amanda Chambers: (309) 685-6236.


The Right “Stuff”

Most people moving to Buehler Home have lived in their homes for many years, “stuff” has collected and the thought of physically and emotionally sorting through it all is daunting!

As you make your transition into Buehler Home, one of our strategic alliance partners can help you with the following tasks:

  • What furniture to bring to your new home at Buehler Home
  • A layout of a floor plan and where to put your furniture
  • Clearing out all the clutter and reorganize closets, garage, extra bedrooms
  • Handle the disposing of your “stuff”
  • Packing all of your precious belonging
  • Oversees the entire process on moving day
  • And unpacking everything and sets up your new home here.

All of this can now be accomplished without exhausting yourself, feeling stressed or taking unnecessary physical risks!


New Neighbor

Moving into Buehler Home is an exciting adventure and the beginning of a new chapter in your life!

It can also be a bit overwhelming. Now you can relax and ease into your new lifestyle with the help of Buehler Home’s New Neighbor Program. Our goal is to help you get settled into your new independent living apartment or townhome, meet your neighbors, connect with the people, places and things that interest you the most and start living life to the fullest.

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