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Financial options



When most people begin looking at senior living options, there is one main thought ticking in the back of their mind, “What does it cost and can I afford it?” The most important aspect of your research is to understand what you get for what you invest.


When moving to a Life Care community you’ll have two financial components:

  • The Entrance Fee: A larger up-front investment much like buying a home.
  • The Monthly Fee: A monthly service fee that covers many of the costs you already pay to own and maintain your own home, and also includes a variety of extra services that make your lifestyle easier and more convenient.


The COST of your residence at Buehler Home is based on a few different factors…

  • Your AGE at the time you become resident
  • The SIZE of the apartment home or townhome
  • The PROGRAM you choose (Original Life Care or Fee-For-Service)
  • SINGLE person or COUPLE


The best way to learn all the facts and figures that pertain to your particular situation is to set a personal appointment.


Over the course of our 90-year history, Buehler Home’s outstanding reputation was built on our Original Life Care Program:

  • This program provides unlimited, life-long care on our campus at the same affordable and predictable monthly fee as living in your independent apartment or townhome
  • It works as a form of long-term care insurance: Buehler Home underwrites or pays for a majority of your long-term care costs as you move through the continuum of care providing maximum risk protection…unlimited, life-long care
  • The Entrance Fee is amortized over the first three years of residency, declining to a zero return
  • The Monthly Fee is FIXED and not subject to annual increases
  • Ensures you never have to worry:  Regardless of your future financial circumstance, you never need to worry about running out of funds to pay for your care. Buehler Home’s charitable mission guarantees your care needs will be met
  • You may be eligible for a one-time 30% Medical Tax Deduction


For people that have Long-Term Care Insurance or prefer to ‘self-insure’ against the high cost of future long-term care, Buehler Home now offers our Fee-For-Service Program:

  • You receive all the benefits of Buehler Home’s convenient lifestyle without pre-paying for your future long-term care needs
  • Use your Long-Term Care Insurance or ‘self-insure’ paying for additional services only IF and WHEN needed (pay-as-you-go)
  • Priority access throughout the continuum of care at Buehler Home
  • 90% of your Entrance Fee investment is returned to you or your estate when you leave the community
  • Option to spend down the 90% Return on your initial Entrance Fee to fund long-term care costs as necessary

Phoebe Potthoff program

In keeping with the charitable purpose of the organization, no application for residency is rejected solely because of someone’s financial circumstances.


To determine which financial program may be the best fit for you, schedule a personal visit and see all that Buehler Home has to offer.

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