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Testimonials “Best Kept Secret in Peoria”

We are proud of our reputation and have worked hard to earn this title from our residents. Here is more of what they have to say about Buehler Home:

I’m Buehler’s biggest fan. I love it here! The location is great and the staff is wonderful. The activities are endless with in house entertainment, plus the bus trips to concerts, museums, restaurants, and shopping. I no longer drive, so the Buehler car takes me to doctor appointments, etc. Longevity runs in my family on both sides, with my father living to over 100 years. I thought, “What if I run out of money? What would I do? What would my kids do?” Buehler is the answer! I’ve never ben sorry and will spend the rest of my life being “happy”.

Betty Welch Resident since 2013, Peoria IL October 12, 2018

I have been familiar with Buehler for many years. My mother was there for 13 years, and I was very pleased with the care she received, starting in her private room until she was living in Health Care. I also was acquainted with the Amberg family, and knew of their professionalism and fine reputation. When my husband passed away I knew that I did not want to live alone and have the stresses and responsibilities of maintaining a house and property. A retirement community seemed a good solution for me. At the time I was making my decision, I knew that new apartments were under construction at Buehler. The application process was easy, and I couldn’t be happier with my two-bedroom apartment. I am free to come and go as I please, and enjoy the many amenities that Buehler provides. I am still driving, but also have a good time traveling to fun events on the Buehler bus. I have made many new friends; the active social life contributes to companionship.

Rose Seghetti Resident since 2015, Peoria, IL October 12, 2018

My husband passed suddenly and I knew immediately that I did not want to continue to care for a home, large yard and drive 20 miles every time I went somewhere. Most of all I did not want to become a burden to my children. After doing some research around Peoria, I chose a Buehler Townhouse because it seemed more like home to me. I have a nice patio and an extra room for my quilting and piano. I’ve made many new friendships and feel like I have another big family. It is a lovely environment, the food is good and varied, many activities are provided, the staff is caring and kind and does a wonderful job of taking care of us. Here, I have no worries and my family knows I’m safe, happy and taken care of no matter what the future holds. It is truly a blessing to be a Buehler resident.

Jean Monroe Resident since 2016, Trivoli IL October 12, 2018

roecker “Moving is always an adventure into somewhat the unknown. However, once we moved to Buehler Home, we have not regretted the move for one second. With the excellent dining options, the friendly staff that maintains everything in a timely and professional manner, I cannot imagine what more anyone could want. This along with the varied activities offered in a never unending way both in house and trips off campus has made our stay here very pleasant. I also feel secure knowing that we have access to nursing staff 24/7 if the need arises. Since our children live out of town, it is also comforting to them knowing we will always be cared for.”

John and Josephine Roecker Residents since 2011 – Peoria, IL November 4, 2016

masimore “We chose Buehler Home because of the possible need for health care. We have always heard wonderful things about the community and we were familiar with the location. Now that we are here, we are so pleased with the really great food,  the many and varied activities, and most importantly, the caring and accommodating staff. Since moving in, we have found it has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Harvey and Janet Masimore Residents since 2015 – Peoria, IL November 4, 2016

knight “We feel so secure here and we’re overwhelmed with all that is granted to us at Buehler Home. The employees are so compassionate. We looked at several retirement communities before we decided on Buehler Home, and we know we chose the best one.”

Bud and Freida Knight Residents since 2015 – East Peoria, IL November 4, 2016

kirchgessner “I decided to move in to Buehler Home because of the comradery, the beauty of the campus, and the security of knowing that I’ll be taken care of regardless of any future challenges. It brings me so much peace of mind knowing that I will never be a burden to my children.”

Jackie Kirchgessner Resident since 2011 – Peoria, IL November 4, 2016

gurtler “I have more time to do the things I still enjoy doing, like cooking and working outside. However, it’s nice knowing I don’t have to do those chores everyday if I don’t want to. Buehler Home is a fun place to be. I love everything about living here. It’s home.”

Homer and Barb Gurtler Residents since 2016 – Peoria, IL November 4, 2016

GeorgaMellen“Living in a large house that was packed with the things you accumulate over 50 years, I had become more and more dependent on my children for yard work, repairs, etc. Coming to Buehler Home has given me great peace of mind. The residents are cheerful and thoughtful, and the employees are very helpful and courteous.”

Georga Mellen Resident since 2007 – Peoria, IL June 2, 2015

Peg-Burke“Having been a nurse, I really understand the value of the continuum of care. Plus Buehler Home gives me just what I want — I’m close to church, a library and wonderful people to enjoy. It is the perfect fit for me.”

Peg Burke Resident since 2012 – Pekin, IL June 2, 2015

langfels “Living worry-free with caring and kind friends in a secure, safe and lovely surroundings; interacting with staff that cares about us and knows our names; enjoying numerous activities on many levels - That is what it means to live at Buehler Home!”

Rosie Langfels Resident since 2016 – Peoria, IL June 2, 2015

Jack-Betty-Kerr“Our children said moving to Buehler Home is the best thing we could have done for our family.”

Jack & Betty Kerr Residents since 2012 – St. Louis, MO June 2, 2015

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